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Swallow (2019)

Although it has quite a few moments that are uncomfortable and sort of tough to watch, this is not a horror nor a thriller flick. It is a well executed drama.

The movie explains the story of Hunter, a young wife of a successful businessman. After learning she is pregnant with her first child, Hunter starts feeling the urge to swallow small house objects; a great variety of them.

The synopsis of the movie is a little devious and might lead you to think you are in for a heavier ride than what the movie delivers. This is not to say Swallow let me down. It did not. I was pleased to see how the ‘uneasiness’ of the movie escalated not by being more graphic regarding Hunter’s “disease”, but by tackling the psychological root of the issue in a twist that comes in a very subtle way and that demonstrates the complex evolution of the characters. Swallow wants to tackle social and feminist issues and it does so with a display of beautiful and weird metaphors.

Although it might not be one of my 2019 favorites, Swallow is a movie worth watching because it’s an entertaining drama. There are no moments in the film that feel too slow; characters and events unfold in a calm and subtle way as we see Hunter try to achieve something she’s never had: control over her own life.

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