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Becky (2020)

Becky is a new film released this wonderful year. It revolves around a teenage girl (yep, Becky) who goes with her dad and stepmom and stepbrother to the cottage, only to become hostages of a gang of murderous neo-Nazis that just escaped prison and invade their cottage. I didn’t need to know anything else; I was looking for this movie as soon as I read the synopsis. Also, I was looking forward to watching it because the directors of Becky also made Cooties which is a 2014 horror-comedy that revolves around teachers escaping an elementary school filled with zombie kids. I initially watched Cooties because it was written by Leigh Whannel, who wrote movies I absolutely love like Saw (2004), Insidious (2010) and Upgrade (2018).

The movie starts out powerfully with a scene that keeps switching between shots of a teenager getting beaten up at school by bullies, and an inmate getting beaten up in a county jail by other inmates. I liked that parallelism a lot. Becky is bitter at her father for trying to move on with a new partner after Becky’s mom died of cancer, so her dad decides it’s a good idea for all of them to go to a cottage and spend some time together and try to know each other better. As expected, as soon as they get there Becky runs off to the woods with her dog, not wanting anything to do with her dad’s new family. Meanwhile, a gang of neo-Nazis escape from a nearby prison murdering everyone in their way. The gang makes it into the cottage, where they tie up Becky’s dad, stepmom and little stepbrother. The neo-Nazis are looking for a key that’s supposedly in the house, so they start torturing the family to find out where the key is. Becky finds out her family is in danger and goes on a vengeful rampage, taking out every single member of the gang in a beautifully gory fashion. Becky is just the average misunderstood teenager, who is angry at the world but doesn’t know why. And like a regular angry teenager, she is merciless.

Violence escalates quickly in this movie and, lucky for us, it is very graphic. I have to say: when it comes to horror, I am really annoyed when the audience is not showed a graphic scene under the pretext “it’s scarier because they leave it to your imagination”. That’s complete bullshit and a lack of love for the genre in my opinion.

So, the deaths in this movie are great and original, with awesome practical effects. Tension, action and bits of gory comedy are well mixed to create an entertaining flick worth a watch. If you like movies like You’re Next (2011) or Better Watch Out (2016) I think you’ll definitely dig Becky.

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